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Best Practice: Automated Replies

I am a vendor, with past experience providing goods to the govt. However our specialty item means we basically wait for them to call us rather than trolling for contract/bid opportunities. I have to be part of ORCA, CCR and now IPP in order to get bids and now to get paid via automation.


I received the below auto-reply from the IPP system.


"You have not accessed the IPP application for an extended period of time with the userid – xxxxx555. Your IPP application access has been temporarily inactivated. If you need assistance, please contact your Manager/Administrator, Application CBAF, or Application help desk."


Now, to the best practice...notice there is no contact information, i.e. no 800 number or specifice website or other clue on who to contact. Not to mention that the whole process to get an ID was convoluted, involving two different websites, and I have yet to be able to successfully log in!


(I have contacted them, but they work when I do so I can't reach them during business hours.)


To summarize, the best practice would be to include contact info in the automated replies.



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