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Better Gov web-site structure

I would like to see a hierarchical structure set up

so that a "drill down" approach could be used.


At the top is the "government" node, then next

is the 3 branches.


Under the legislative branch would be two nodes

for the house and senate.


Under each chamber would be a listing of the

bills that are in process, and a list of recent passed

bills. I would like to know how my representatives

voted on each bill. This could be similar to the

way my bank list transactions against my accounts.


Under the Judiciary I would like to see a schedule of

issues they are considering, and when hearings for

each issue going to occur. This would also include

a list of recently decided issues, and how each judge voted, and other information like the opinions each side writes for the decision.


Under the Executive branch would be a list of laws waiting to be signed and which laws have just been signed or vetoed.


This is just a start.


I don't like the standard opening page that almost

all of the government departments (local, state and federal). They all look the same. They present who they are how they are founded, what they do, any recent media communications. All of this takes us too much words. It is (was) good at the beginning. Now may be it should be put in an "about" menu item.

All this "self promotion" does not help me, unless I

am new to the internet and the US government.

I want each major department to get down to what

services they provide. I am interested in their budget.

What is this service(department) costing us as a people.



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