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Bring funds/resources together & work on multilingual priorities

Given that resources are limited, government agencies can come together, do their research, maybe even ask the public what are the topics/issues that agencies need to make available in Spanish and other languages, and work as an unit. Once we have a list of priorities, the government as a whole, can work together and leverage each others' resources to make this happen. Maybe there's a central fund and core group of experts from across govt taking the lead on this effort but instead of the focus being internally (what does my particular agency need to translate, etc), govt should take a more holistic approach to the issue and explore how they can help each other. Even if the funds are limited, if we bring whathever resources that are available together into one centralized fund, we can have more of an impact than if each agency tries to do something on its own, because as we've seen by now, many won't be able to do anything.



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