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Create a culture of customer service

I've seen several ideas that relate to this, and many comments have mentioned it. So I thought I'd throw it in as a separate idea and see what folks have to say. I believe that many/most public servants want to serve customers well. I think many of us came to public service to do just this and were discouraged by past practices. The thing is: the internet really changed govt's relationship with its customers. The fed govt no longer can be "wholesale - not retail." Citizens expect direct service, even if that service is just information on how to find the proper intermediary. To change the culture, I think we need two things: 1) a mandate from on high (the White House), accompanied by resources and accountability. 2) a groundswell of support from every level of govt employee. We can cause the change we want by just deciding we're going to make sure we do everything we can to serve better (take extra time on that email to a customer, go the extra mile to tell that customer the phone number of the office they need to call, etc.). We have the Customer Service Initiative - what can we do to really change the culture?



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