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CrossPost: Policies and Users and here is my comment:


Real life SIL was just hired by VA. She has never been a govt employee. I have been one for over 20 yrs. She called to ask what the FEGLI, FERS, TSP, and OASBI was on her pay stub, because she wants every dollar she can get and wants to get rid of these 'things' that are being deducted.


I went to to find links for her to explain what the deductions were for, etc. home page has all the social networking follow links, a frquent task bar, a user-specific set of links...but NOTHING for 'NEW EMPLOYEES'. They have job seekers, current employees, but not brand new employees. I had to search out specific items listed above (I of course know what FEGLI is so I knew to look under insurance).


OPM has done the things we've talked about here, but they missed the mark big time IMO for a hug subset of users and traffic. Another BIG vote for personas, testing, etc. We as employees are users and 'old'.



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