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Link website design & organizational/operational infrastructure

Government websites should help the government accomplish its strategic objectives--and help citizens and residents participate in and make use of their government. Often what gets in the way is internal government processes & protocols: contracting processes that separate the design of a website from its development, or cultural barriers that dictate unnecessary constraints from the onset, for instance. These things needs addressing organizationally, as much a websites need better designs. But redesigning websites can illuminate these kinds of barriers so we can fix them. That's the genius of 311 - it aggregates data that informs how city services get organized based on what the demand is and where it comes from. Websites are government - online. Government needs fixing as much as its web-presence. Imagine the cultural shift that would occur if even one agency adopted "agile" and launched minimum viable product solutions that improved over time. Better, more sustainable products that government workers and citizens could take pride in. Citizens want to be proud of government - not fight it. Suspect government workers are feeling a little under-appreciated, too. Redesigning websites is a good launchpad for culture change.



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