Policies and Principles

People, process, technology

Be sure to include your organization's mission and a vision.



Hire competent people

Hire passionate, caring people

Hire meticulous, attentive people

Consider users ages

Consider users knowledge level

Consider users patience level




Establish your site's purpose

Decide on how you will achieve this purpose (Push-Pull of data/information/knowledge)

Create a simple, navigable structure

Mind the taxonomy: Use metatags appropriately to ease searching

Use common words or words associated with specialized terms (if you must have "sphygnonometer," be sure to tag it with "stethescope.")

Refer to the likes of Library of Congress for cataloging knowledge and DDMS for naming conventions.

Not everyone has a PhD. Keep it simple.

Quickest route to the data/information/knowledge is the fastest way to people's hearts.



Use appropriate hardware to avoid downtime.

Use good applications to achieve the above goals.

Keep the animated graphics down. Getting motion sick while researching is not fun.

Remember that people may access on their smart phones-small screens. Be brief.



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