Remove artificial barriers to employment

1. Include street addresses on usajobs so those unwilling or unable to go there don't apply for those jobs. It saves applicant and HR's time.

2. Change Intelligence Community applicaitons to no longer require an entry for each training name, start date, end date, provider, hour provided and same requirements for awards instead of cutting and pasting all training or awards. When requesting accomodation I was told to include this data in a ksa box. KSA boxes no longer exist. Also, if its not required why request it? How many qualified people didn't apply because they didn't want to put that much effort in?

3. staff policies through the appropriate individual with a disability. My office recently required two sided printing. For me its difficult enough to see with only one sided printed. Additionally my carpel tunnel is aggrevated by unnecessary movement. I was advised to apply for an accomodation requiring unnecessary work on my, my supervisor and the reasonable accomodator's part. Presumably all others with these disabilities will file as well. Why not build accomodation into policies to preclude our having to do so?

4. my organization develped a brand and sent us power points, etc to use. None of them were formated so all 2,000 of us were required to enter times new roman, 12 font, etc. Additionally the white background hurt my eye. The brand formed in my eye of the organization was of ableists. Was that their intention? Again should have been staffed through appropriate people with disabilities. Thank you for your consideration.




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