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Use Real-time Chats to Help Customers Solve Problems

Although some agencies are using real-time chat, I'm amazed it hasn't caught on more. Customers want help when they hit a snag. They don't want to stop and send an email that might be answered in 3 days (or 3 weeks). They want to finish their task NOW. Real-time chat to the rescue. A human being, in real time, answering questions, breaking the log jam. I love it in the commercial world. Why not in the government world? And before you say you don't have resources, I don't buy it. I worked in an agency where there were untapped resources everywhere. Lots of employees have knowledge that could be tapped, and - with a little training - they could enjoy the satisfaction of helping customers do what they want to do. What public servant doesn't dream of that? Let's get onboard with real-time chats!



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