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Use of Open Source Technologies

The government needs to start using available free open source technologies instead of creating costly, low quality, and not so useful technologies from scratch. With these new worries about reducing government spending I suggest the government move to open source technologies. The majority of these technologies are free and available to anyone. Usually the open source technologies surpass the quality, features, and security of proprietary software. Why does the government need to spend millions of dollars in license fees for the use of mediocre operating systems, servers, platforms, that commonly are 3 or more years behind their open source counterparts?

Just to mention an example, why doesn’t the government use free platform as ( to train their new hires instead of paying thousands of dollars in difficult-to-navigate, difficult-to-find-what-you-need websites, that usually do not accomplished their main purpose

Other governments are moving to the open source, like New Zealand and Australia ( Maybe we need to start looking for better options and stop being afraid of change.



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