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WordPress, open source, and cloud hosting

Back in California, we used to deploy websites with similar content and functionality as many of those that I see under the .gov domain. Using WordPress and cloud hosting, we could build an entire website for $100k +/- and turn it over to the organization's public affairs office to run. But, the way the Federal Government does things, they pay $1,000,000/year to have contractors cut and past content into proprietary CMS solutions and basically manage the agency's content. With easy-to-use web content management systems like WordPress, the Federal Government doesn't need contractors at the rate of $250,000/year times a team of 5 to manage content. Government workers (civil servants) can be empowered to manage their own content. I've seen several Federal Agencies do this when they could easily manage a website on their own, without contractors, and save $1M-$2M per year simply by using WordPress (or Drupal) and cloud hosting.



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