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Require a content review process

We have a boatload of govt info on govt websites. How often do you review it to make sure it's still current and accurate? How do you know it's still current and accurate? When I was at HUD, we started a quarterly certification program. In a nutshell, the Deputy Secretary required every principal staff member (asst secys) to certify - in writing - that all the content for which his/her organization was responsible is current and accurate, every quarter. The very first quarter, one organization alone pulled down 5,000 obsolete files. Now you've got to have followup and repercussions for failure to comply, but having that process really can help. I think this should be more than a "best practice." I think every agency should be required to have a content review process that ensures routine review and updating. And it should involve all content creators/owners - not just the web team.



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