Policies and Principles

Establish a Customer Bill of Rights

I'd like to see the federal government - under the Customer Service Initiative - issue a "Customer Bill of Rights" or a "Promise to Customers" and use that as the core set of principles for improving websites, call centers, and other forms of service delivery. A good place to start is the 6 principles the Federal Web Managers Council laid out in its 2008 White Paper: Putting Citizens First - Transforming Online Government. Citizens should be able to:

1. Find relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information, easily;

2. Understand information the first time they read it;

3. Complete common tasks efficiently (I'd add "and effectively");

4. Get the same answer whether they use the web, phone, email, live chat, read a brochure, or visit in-person;

5. Provide feedback and ideas and hear what the government will do with them;

6. Access critical information if they have a disability or aren’t proficient in English



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