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Bring funds/resources together & work on multilingual priorities

Given that resources are limited, government agencies can come together, do their research, maybe even ask the public what are the topics/issues that agencies need to make available in Spanish and other languages, and work as an unit. Once we have a list of priorities, the government as a whole, can work together and leverage each others' resources to make this happen. Maybe there's a central fund and core group of experts ...more »


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Policies and Principles

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Strong Web Management at the Agency Level

We can turn down some of the "noise" of so many websites by having empowered, professional web management at the agency level, within a communications or customer service office, who helps the whole agency to have a professional web presence. Divisions and offices should not have to build these competencies. Web strategy should be an agency function. Determinations about satellite sites should be made at that level.


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