Content and Readability

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Market and promote your content/services -have a marketing plan

Govt should get better at marketing and promoting its content and services available online through traditional means as well as through new media channels. There should be a marketing plan in place before launching a new initiative or effort online. It shouldn't be an after-thought. There is good govt info out there but sometimes nobody knows about it. Let's develop relationships with the media, bloggers, etc...and let's ...more »


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Content in other languages

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Develop cross-disciplinary multilingual/cultural best practices

Creating a multilingual communication strategy is complex and requires knowledge from many different fields, including linguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, ethnographics, demography, technology, communications, marketing, PR, customer service, user experience, graphic design, social media, public policy, business strategy (yes even for government agencies), etc. The government should leverage knowledge from various ...more »


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