Policies and Principles

Captions on all audiovisual materials!

Agency websites are required to provide captions with streaming audiovisual content. Section 508, requires that multimedia presentations provide a transcript that is audio synchronized to the presentation. See ยงยง 1194.22 (a) and (b) of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. This should be standard protocol for all video content appearing on federal websites.


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Content and Readability

Improve quality of videos govt produces & use them strategically

Videos are becoming more and more popular on the web and at times can help explain concepts and information much better than text. Let's create a govt video community of practice and let's learn from others inside and outside of govt that are producing good, high-quality videos and are using them strategically in order to engage users in creative ways. Video can really support open government principles and make our content ...more »


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Content in other languages

Content in other languages includes content in no language

Limited English Proficiency considerations should extend to those segments of the population that are illiterate or who read at lower-than-average-levels.

In what cases is non-lingual content more appropriate? Could a well-designed infographic convey instructions just as well as a paragraph of text?

Would video be a sufficient compliment or supplement to text narrative?


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