Policies and Principles

Keep the appointees out of the weeds.

Federal communications to the citizen should not be biased with political motives or agendas.


While this is a near impossible endeavor, it is probably the single most valuable one to take on. (IMHO) Citizens should be able to TRUST the government agencies and what they have to say. Right now, the political appointees govern too much of what IS actually said, for political gain. We have all seen it (if you have worked in FedWeb), we all recognize it as one of the true weaknesses of FedWeb. Now, the question should be: how to fix it?


#1: If you as a web manager are more concerned about your appointee's opinion than your audience's... you are doing it wrong.


#2: If you think that anyone other than the taxpaying citizen of the United States is your "customer".... you are doing it wrong. (with very few exceptions)


ROI and Performance of websites should be based on audience satisfaction and popularity of content.



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