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Need coordinated teams of specialists vs. too few generalists

One thing I hate to see is agencies where the people managing the web don't have adequate teams and support, and may need training themselves but are spread so thin that they are forced to be generalists instead of specialists. The web should be staffed adequately, and employ modern technology (content management systems, anyone?), not be an afterthought in communication, PR and/or IT staffing needs.


Sure, we need Public Affairs people to help with web standards, content and gatekeeping. And we need IT people with knowledge of servers and related infrastructure.


What we are often lacking are in-house advanced, specialized skils, experience and understanding in the following areas:

- CSS AND graphic design for web

- Front and back-end of Content Management Systems

- Web programming and database management

- Project management

- Usability, accessibility and governance

- Information architecture/design

- SEO optimization

- Web contracting/procurement


And one person can't know it all or do it all! These team resources could easily be shared by smaller agencies or units within larger departments.



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